Rise above the usual practice

In 1997, Summit revolutionized the traditional law firm model. We championed a structure and approach to focus on what matters most: you. We have only seasoned professionals, each of whom is accountable directly to you. We removed all the excess baggage that is unnecessary to providing quality work – no lavish offices, no expensive art, no training of junior associates on your dime. And we are so confident that you will be happy with the services we provide that we let you decide how we should be compensated through our innovative fee arrangements and a Value Adjustment Line on every invoice – you can adjust our fees based on what you believe our services are worth.

The view is different from the Summit.

315 Fifth Avenue S, Suite 1000
Seattle WA 98104

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27 Jan

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu...

Members of Summit attend Justice Mary Yu's campaign kickoff....

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26 Jan

Congratulations to Austin Canoe & Kayak...

Summit client is acquired by Summit Sports....

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Law Firm With a View...
by Susan Hansen

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Spotlight On Employee Fit-For-Duty Procedures...
by Stephanie Goldberg

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