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Jessica Goldman Quoted in Law360—Seattle Times Beats Surgeon's Defamation Suit

Litigation attorney Jessica Goldman was quoted in the Law360 article, “Seattle Times Beats Surgeon's Defamation Suit," regarding the $25M victory for her client.

"I am gratified that Judge Robart agreed that none of the claims Dr. Delashaw asserted against The Seattle Times had any merit. The journalism he challenged was of the highest caliber and representative of the newspaper's substantial commitment to local investigative journalism," said Goldman.

"The articles truthfully and fairly called out patient risk created by a toxic work environment under Dr. Delashaw's leadership at Swedish Neuroscience Institute," and "the truth of its reporting was immediately evident based on the resignations from Swedish of top executives and the changes in the hospital's policies."

Read more about the case in our news post: Summit Client Wins Summary Judgment in $25M Defamation Lawsuit.

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