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Lawrence C. Locker

Litigation Attorney
Lawrence C. Locker

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Law360 Ranks Summit Among Most Diverse Law Firms

Among smaller law firms of 100 attorneys or fewer, Summit has been ranked No. 14 in Law360’s 2022 Diversity Snapshot (subscription required). The annual report scores firms across the country based on their percentage of attorneys and partners of color. 

As part of the ranking process, Law360 compares headcount diversity with what it could be based on benchmarks created using historical survey data and the pool of minority law school graduates. Summit is one of only 15 firms in the “100 or fewer attorneys” category to exceed the benchmarks. Over all categories, just 16.5% of firms surpassed them. 

At Summit, we believe inclusion sparks innovation. We are committed to advancing diversity within our ranks, which we know creates power through addition: more ideas, improved solutions, and a better workplace.

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