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Minority Report:  The Future of Legal Services and AI

Imagine a future world where mutant beings, called 'precogs,' foresee crime before it occurs.  Tapping into their collective brainpower, the government's Precrime Division can apprehend suspects who have not yet committed any offense — though, we are assured, they will.

The stuff of science fiction?  So far, yes:  it’s the plot of a story by Philip K. Dick, later turned into a Steven Spielberg film, Minority Report.  But the predictive power of artificial intelligence (AI) is already reality for parts of the legal industry, and it has massive implications for how lawyers use data to predict and protect their clients’ futures.

Click here to read the full article written by Summit partners Phil McCune, Chad Mitchell, Larry Locker, and Quinn Oppenheim.  This article was published by Chambers and Partners, eDiscovery & Disclosure 2019, Trends and Developments.

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