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Otto G. Klein III

Labor Attorney
Otto G. Klein III

315 Fifth Avenue S, Suite 1000
Seattle WA 98104

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Our Practice

Over the past decade, our team (aka the “Dirt Group”) has become one of the top groups of commercial real estate lawyers in the nation, representing clients from Fortune 500 companies to closely-held multigenerational real estate portfolios. Among our many client successes, we have served as outside counsel in the following real estate sectors: hospitality, corporate campuses, data centers, distribution and fulfillment centers, office and retail projects, large-scale energy ventures and mixed-use development. Collaboration is key—we do not succeed unless our clients do. We constantly adapt to meet our clients’ needs, and our trajectory is measured by the continued prosperity and growth of our clients.

Real estate is more than just a piece of dirt. It can be your biggest asset or your biggest risk. From the ground up, we want to work with you to ensure you attain the most out of your real estate holdings.