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Sofia D. Mabee

Labor/Employment Attorney
Sofia D. Mabee

315 Fifth Avenue S, Suite 1000
Seattle WA 98104

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Dan not only won over our team with his expertise and communication skills, but also quickly developed respect and rapport with the officer bargaining teams. Dan was responsive to all questions and administrative asks, and the negotiations ended successfully with both sides of the table satisfied with the new agreements. I would recommend using Summit Law, in particular Dan Swedlow, for public agency union contract negotiations. We can’t thank him enough for the time and effort he put in to make our labor negotiating experience a smooth one.

- Leialani Jensen, Labor Relations Manager
City of Kent

The Summit Law Group, through Andy’s expertise, has already proven to be a tremendous asset to Senestech. The reasonable fees for their excellent advice is certainly to be commended. Andy Shawber’s professionalism and dedication to Senestech, Inc. throughout the SEC process was exemplary. We recommend Summit Law Group to anyone seeking a professional law firm.

- Loretta Mayer, CEO
Senestech, Inc.

We have been well served by Summit in a year-long process. We were kept informed, and when we did not understand issues, Summit helped to clarify them for us. Although we hope never to go through another frivolous suit, we certainly have a greater appreciation of the professional support available to us. I know that I speak for the entire board when I say, “thank you for a job well done.”

- Michael Wagner, General Manager
Grant Transit Authority

I have worked with Summit on several labor relations issues and I have always found them to be extremely responsive, knowledgeable and a great resource for all things “labor.” Dan Swedlow is very enjoyable to work with; his experience on both sides of the table is invaluable. I enjoy his laid-back style, and his great sense of humor brings some fun to the table! I highly recommend Summit for all your labor relations legal needs.

- Jennifer Gorsuch, Administrative Services Director
City of Camas

I worked with Laura Bertin and Andy Shawber at Summit to acquire a venture-backed software business. They were sensitive to our needs to keep transaction costs down due to the size of the deal. They willingly shared sample agreements and adjusted their time investment up or down based on our input about where we needed help. There’s no question that we ended up with a superior deal at a lower cost than the counter-party due to the exceptional quality and thoughtfulness of our legal team.

- Matt Hall, President
Hall Family Management, LLC

Sofia Mabee’s expertise, professionalism and responsiveness to our legal needs has made a fantastic partnership for us. We rely on her to give us real world and practical advice as we navigate our legal challenges and set strategies into the future.

- Chereé Green
Pierce County Library System

Dan Swedlow has significantly impressed me with high quality legal expertise of employment issues. He took what was a complex situation and clarified it into an easily understood issue. That he resolved quickly. He has given advice as needed and is always prompt and efficient. I highly recommend him and the Summit Law Group.

- Charles Reed, President
Hairloom Et Boutique, Inc.

Andy Shawber and the Summit team have been terrific partners throughout our history at 1000Museums. They have provided timely advice during tough times and responsive service during tight deadlines. I would work with them again without question.

- Brendan Burns, CEO
1000Museums, Inc.

We were tremendously pleased with all aspects of Summit Law Group’s representation of us in a highly complex business litigation matter with no obvious avenues for a comfortable outcome. Phil McCune's specific involvement helped guide us through a creative strategy and a narrow path to ultimate success. We recommend him and Summit Law Group wholeheartedly.

- Steven Kelley
Seattle Cardiology, PLLC

The Summit team represented me during the sale of my company and I could not be happier with the outcomes. Their teamwork and commitment to excellence was evident every step of the way. This was an “A” team led by Mark Worthington.

- Joan Wellman, CEO
Joan Wellman and Associates

Summit Law Group is widely recognized as the premier public-sector employment and labor law practice in the state. They literally wrote the book on negotiating with unions in the public sector—The Basics of Collective Bargaining in Washington is the definitive resource for anyone in a public agency involved in the collective bargaining process on behalf of management.

- Deanna Krell
Association of Washington Cities

I have worked with Summit for more than 12 years. During this time, I have received outstanding advice from a group of professionals that are enjoyable to work with, friendly, engaged, responsive to my questions (and there are many), and above all, extremely knowledgeable about my business.

- Mike Weinstein
Waste Management

Summit is the go-to law firm for Sanitary Service Company. We’ve been with the firm since its inception, and have a great relationship with our Summit partners. We are working with ultra-responsive and incredibly smart lawyers; they know our business well and give us extraordinary value. I don’t see any other law firm providing better service than this.

- Paul Razore
Sanitary Service Company

Phil McCune demonstrated his level of legal experience while handling our case for close to a two-year period. Phil was very prompt in responding to our inquiries and always communicated well – including layman terms, not just legal terminology. He always understood our position in the case and handled it with expertise and professionalism. Phil not only represented us as our attorney, but also became a friend, providing a more human touch to our business relationship while handling the case.

- Helena Dabrowski
INSOUTH Funding, Inc.

Summit Law Group has invested significant time to really understand our business. Coupled with a team approach, this has enabled them to apply the right mix of resources and expertise to address our varied needs effectively and efficiently over the years.

- Lon Troxel
PlayNetwork, Inc.

I have worked with Summit for several years now, and have always been impressed with the level and quality of legal involvement on a wide range of issues. I have used ‘large’ firms in the past, and given my experience with Summit, I’m unlikely to ever go back to that model—junior associates handling my legal work. I highly recommend Summit.

- Erik Viafore
Mountains Plus

Summit Law Group has served as our outside counsel for 10 years. During that time, they have successfully guided us through multiple rounds of funding and through the many complex SEC requirements of a small public company. We give them an unqualified thumbs up.

- Steve Beatty, CEO
Helix BioMedix, Inc.

I’ve worked with the Summit team for almost 15 years, during which time I’ve had them at my side as I started three companies and exited two. They have been a superb partner: thoughtful, strategic, practical and very helpful through important negotiations. Right now they are helping us scale up Simpa Networks, a growth stage company selling solar-as-a-service to energy-poor households and micro-enterprises in rural India.

- Paul Needham, CEO
Simpa Networks

Andy Shawber has consistently been responsive to our company’s growing needs. From partner engagements through financing rounds, he has been a great team member in helping our leadership take a firm and guided approach to critical aspects of the business. He has been overall a very candid and level-headed person to work with. We look forward to continuing to grow with him.

- John Wantz, CEO

After working with two well known law firms, I got tired of unpredictable (and runaway) attorney fees on our early stage Start-up. It became near impossible to predict cashflow with our legal fees being 25% of our expenses and totally unpredictable. In addition, we are a very legal-savvy founder team, and I felt none of our attorneys were leveraging us. As a result, we were paying a bunch of money for things we could do ourselves much faster. Andrew [Shawber] fixed all of that for us. Our expenses are now fully predictable and we are only outsourcing things where we really need the help. He is also very good at reminding us when we don't know what we don't know. As a result, we are getting a lot more for our legal buck and the company is more protected than ever. Andrew truly understands the legal needs of a startup and the Founder/CEO pressures. Most important, he is able to adjust his approach to the savviness, risk tolerance, and resources of the founder team. We think of Andy as our "legal coach," no more legal black-box.

- Alex Samano, CEO
Life Dreams, Inc.

Summit Law Group has brought depth and insight to our legal work. Our needs are as varied as the myriad businesses in which we are active. These folks react with diligence and loyalty, and at a tempo we’ve rarely seen. We have used Summit for business litigation, corporate transactional work, and legal advice related to investment, insurance, and personnel issues. We are demanding and driven, and couldn’t be happier with Summit as a core member of our team.

- Mark W. Robison
HighMark Investments, LLC

As small business owners in the dynamic restaurant industry, we turn to Summit Law Group for our labor/employment law needs. You have helped us navigate the often daunting world of employment laws, rules, and regulations. And you’ve helped us build a strong foundation as employers by providing crucial support and empowering us with knowledge. We value our relationship with Summit, and will continue to rely on your guidance as our dream grows.

- Nicole Wilson
CRUSH Restaurant

Summit has represented CleanScapes on a number of fronts for many years, and we have been exceptionally well served by their thoughtful guidance on all matters. During difficult and tense times in labor negotiations and transactions, Summit has served as a steady voice of knowledge, reason, and practicality. I highly recommend the Summit team.

- Chris Martin

In my opinion, Summit’s greatest asset is their business sense. They clearly understand that business people need to make legal decisions based on business principles.

- David A. Holcomb
Chef'n Corp

BSQUARE has been pleased to work with Summit from our inception as a small startup, through our IPO, and continuing today as a growing public company. We know we can rely on Summit for expert advice, and we have always been impressed by their responsiveness to our needs. We expect to continue our partnership with Summit for years to come.

- Brian Crowley, Former CEO

Summit has provided quality legal services, advice, and training to WAPELRA members for more than two decades. WAPELRA is an organization of public-sector labor relations and human resources professionals representing more than 150 public employers in Washington State. The range of advice our members have received from Summit is extensive and exceptional in every way.

- Brent Long

The Summit team has advised our company for many years. They are responsive, practical, and effective in helping with corporate law matters, employment issues, and litigation. I appreciate their knowledge of our business and the law, as well as their sensitivity to our legal budget.

- Karla Ellison
Allegis Communications, Inc.

I want to thank you for your diligence and hard work in resolving legal issues for ABM. It’s comforting to know that Summit is with us, and has taken the time to get to know our company and the way we operate—which has been evident in the superior quality of your representation. Thanks again!

- Charlie Jones
ABM Janitorial

What makes Summit unique is the top-notch, good-hearted people. And that’s reflected in the way we treat each other, and in how we treat our customers. We’ve explicitly made customers our sole focus—the entire Summit business model is designed to provide better customer service. That’s the reason we started this place.

- Mark F. Worthington
Business Attorney

Summit offers a laidback culture of smart, hardworking people, where the focus remains on delivering a high-quality product for the client.

- Peter A. Altman
Labor/Employment Attorney

Summit is different in large part because of the collegiality. We’ve done away with hierarchy here, and it reflects in the workplace—better teamwork, a lot more fun, and the customer gets a better product.

- Lawrence C. Locker
Litigation Attorney

Everything is different about Summit. We act more like a startup than a law firm in that what you see is what you get. You’ll be working with the lawyers you meet, and not get shuffled off to associates. We don’t have a lot of the trappings that raise your fees with no benefit to you.

- Laura A. Bertin
Business Attorney

Most law firms are operating in ways that are about 15 years behind what other professional service organizations are doing. Summit is a group of people that operates in a different way - we think different, we act different, we are different.

- Don Potter
Executive Director

People here are invested in the law firm. They like what they’re doing and they care about the firm, so they do a better job.

- Otto G. Klein III
Labor Attorney

We stay ahead of the curve in pursuing better outcomes for our customers. We’re always working to innovate and provide better service.

- Philip S. McCune
Litigation, Environmental Attorney

Everyone here is focused on what’s best for the client, rather than, "How will I advance my career.” It was liberating to join Summit; I felt relieved that I could finally focus on the customer. It’s all about what the client needs and how we can best accomplish that.

- Kristin D. Anger
Labor/Employment Attorney

We spend our time working as a team to solve problems, not competing against each other. We do great work and we enjoy doing it.

- Sofia D. Mabee
Labor/Employment Attorney

Summit is a truly dynamic and innovative law practice. Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer value possible. We are very passionate about building meaningful and helpful relationships with our customers and our community. At Summit, it’s all about people.

- Andrew W. Shawber
Business Attorney

Summit is filled with extremely smart, hard-working, savvy professionals. I am truly impressed by my colleagues on a daily basis, and I am proud to be part of such a dynamic firm.

- M. Quinn Oppenheim
Litigation Attorney