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Sofia D. Mabee

Labor/Employment Attorney
Sofia D. Mabee

315 Fifth Avenue S, Suite 1000
Seattle WA 98104

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After working with two well known law firms, I got tired of unpredictable (and runaway) attorney fees on our early stage Start-up. It became near impossible to predict cashflow with our legal fees being 25% of our expenses and totally unpredictable. In addition, we are a very legal-savvy founder team, and I felt none of our attorneys were leveraging us. As a result, we were paying a bunch of money for things we could do ourselves much faster. Andrew [Shawber] fixed all of that for us. Our expenses are now fully predictable and we are only outsourcing things where we really need the help. He is also very good at reminding us when we don't know what we don't know. As a result, we are getting a lot more for our legal buck and the company is more protected than ever. Andrew truly understands the legal needs of a startup and the Founder/CEO pressures. Most important, he is able to adjust his approach to the savviness, risk tolerance, and resources of the founder team. We think of Andy as our "legal coach," no more legal black-box.

- Alex Samano, CEO

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